Startup Consulting

If you are looking to begin and build up your own business, Invent Services can act as the complete one stop service provider. We have a pool of experts and legal advisors to help you set up a business for a reasonable cost. We support you in company formation, selection of structure for the firm, formulation of business plans, market segmentation, pre-investment strategies and legal regulations. We assist in new partner collaboration with the same basic values and competence. Capital is the key ingredient for business success of any size. We bring in investors either to fund new projects or accelerate the business with an infusion of capital and additional resources.

Company Incorporation

We offer a step by step guide to individuals for the company formation, costs involved, paperwork involved and the detailed standard procedure and legal formalities. We make sure you have the right and important documents for running an organization successfully. we support companies in their backend documentation work from preparation of key reports to essential agreements.

Business Auditing, Accounting and Taxation

Our financial accounting services enhances the overall effectiveness of the business. Invent services educates and guides companies from small business to large scale enterprises on various accounting procedures, industry wise accounting, auditing, risk management and taxation.

Legal Regulations and Certifications

We enable companies to know and understand the legal implications of operating a particular business and make them familiar with the requisite certifications, approvals and certifications of the respective industry standards. We advise on complex business issues, draft contracts, agreements and documents used for various business purposes.

Business Partner Introduction and Collaboration

A business partner with right mix of vision, enthusiasm and requisite skill set can grow and scale your business. We assist new entrepreneurs and established corporations to network with prospective business partners worldwide and create mutual and valuable partnerships. We make individuals understand the legal and tax implications while teaming up potential partners.

Angel/HNI Investor Introduction

Bank financing in terms of loans is usually not available for early stage companies due to their underdevelopment or small size. Invent Services links entrepreneurs with Angel Investors/High net worth individuals(HNI’s)/retail investors who can fill the gap in preliminary stage financing vital for high growth start-up companies.


Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services help Startups, SME's reinvent their operating models and business processes to enhance productivity, get a competitive advantage in the market and improve performance and efficiency. Read More

Startup Consulting

If you are looking to begin and build your own startup business or Small Medium Enterprise trying to expand it's business, Invent Services can act as the complete one stop service and solution provider from ideation,funding to operations Read More

Technology Consulting

Product Management and Digital Transformation consulting services help brands better understand, envision, accelerate & accomplish their vision to unlock new opportunities. Read More

Executive Life Coaching

Invent Services provides leadership development through executive life coaching at all levels of an organization. Executive Life Coaching can help executives reach their full potential to align with business goals, objectives and results Read More

Life Coaching

Invent Services offers professional life coaching for personal and professional empowerment to reach personal and career goals faster. Life coaching helps individuals to deal with everyday life problems, work-life balance, and relationships. Read More

Digital Marketing

Invent Services helps companies to plan for their digital marketing strategy to promote their products or brands via one or more forms of digital marketing. Read More

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