Executive Life Coaching

Invent Services offers Executive Life Coahing through Liveup2 Marketplace Platform. Liveup2 is a dynamic marketplace of accomplished coaches who set individuals and organizations onto a steady path of success. Our capable and versatile experts comprehend critical issues and workout customized frameworks for each client through their leverage of knowledge and experience. We make the coaching process accessible and effortless for individuals and organizations. We endeavor to foster long term and meaningful working relationship with our clients. Transparency, flexibility and integrity are the centerpiece of all our undertakings.

Executive Life Coaching

Our executive coaches strive to elevate capability and performance of senior management and leaders in key positions within the organization. Through our tried and tested approaches, we recognize their capability and potential to add further value to the organization. We funnel their energy towards desired goals with a future orientation. It is widely used by our clients during a phase of change in the executive work life. The alteration can include different facets from temperament to behavioral and from skill building to perception changes. Our coaching is recognized to bring new realm of perspectives and possibilities to old vexing problems faced by the executives. We encourage executives to expand or refine their knowledge to handle key priorities and multiple, significant projects. Our unbiased analysis and candid answers engenders trust in the executive teams. Our acute observation and deliberation paves a way for the executive group success.

Career Coaching

We set the stage for our participants to act on their professional ambitions and excel in their field by way of our unique blend of techniques and suggestions. Our career coaches strive to structure occupational goals that resonates with inherent strengths and natural abilities of individuals. We help them to direct career transitions, evolve new skills-sets, capture career advancement opportunities, and maintain balance between work and life. Career coaching enables individuals to look at their profession through a new and different lens. We guide them to make prudent judgements and take decisive action for the foundation of a fruitful professional future. We drive professionals towards higher productivity and better performance. Our coaches with global experience and network can clear and resolve any work specific problems of an individual. We help them navigate and stay relevant in the technologically disruptive and competitive corporate world.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching is an ultimate process which stimulates individuals to contemplate appropriate solutions to their varied issues and challenges.
The underlying premise of coaching is to help in accomplishment of goals and realization of long term dreams with well- defined process and accountability.
Coaching helps in proper integration of strengths, abilities of employees and deployment of organizational resources and assets to bring about gradual changes in the organizational setting.
Coaching can not only be used to target at selective aspects but also to bring about a transformational shift either at an individual or organizational level.
Coaches dedicate a great amount of time and effort to be actively involved in the end to end process.
Coaching helps to modify decisions and actions in response to changes in the environment.
Coaching helps individuals to be tenacious, determined and energized to manifest success.
Coaching encourages employee engagement and builds up employee capacity to take up additional responsibilities essential to scale the organization to the next level of growth.
Coaching improves employee work situations through guidance and application of practical suggestions and recommendations.
Coaching helps individuals to maintain a disposition of enthusiasm and equilibrium during challenging times.
Coaching constructs an environment of confidence for all facets of decisions and actions.


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